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Hello Everyone!

Riki here! I hope everyone has been getting outside and enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve! We’ve been having a blast here at the studio! Meeting lots of new people and catching up with some old friends!

As you may know we photograph everything from babies to huge family groups. But did you know that we have a specialized boudoir photographer in the studio?! And that photographer just so happens to be ME!



With all the birthdays, weddings and anniversaries happening this summer, it’s hard to think of great gift ideas, especially to give to the lovely man in your life, who has everything! We offer so many great gift options with our ‘Pillow-talk’  sessions! Albums, calendars, even air fresheners!
I absolutely love shooting these sessions, my clients and I always have a great time! Most times women are a little shy/nervous coming in to the session, but that gets wiped off the slate quite quickly! All of my clients leave feeling beautiful and extremely confident!
We get to meet for a consultation before the actual session, which makes it a little easier for both of us. The consultation comes free with your session. This is where we get to talk about the session, so we both have a game plan going into it.

We have an awesome deal happening this week, to celebrate the hot-hot Summer! Our Summer Sizzle deal, which means, our Flirt session is only $50!!! (regular $90)  – or you can upgrade to a larger package and you save on the taxes!
You have had some time to work off all that yummy Christmas baking, because we know it lasted a few months, right? 😉 And it’s prime time for tanning outside, so everyone is walking around with these beautiful natural glows! What better time to get some beautiful photos done!
Not that you need a reason to admire your own beauty, but what better way to do so?  This doesn’t have to be a gift for someone else, why not do it for yourself, prove to yourself, what everyone has been telling you all these years, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

I can’t wait to collaborate with you, to showcase your beauty!!


Riki Holmes









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