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OoooooOoOoo I’m sure I’m going to ruffle some feathers with this one.


Hear me out.

Every time someone emails us with questions about a boudoir session, they get a personal email back, as well as an email that also has pricing information. And I would say about half the time, we never hear back. I asked someone recently if they had any luck finding what they needed, and the response was “you’re too expensive.” I didn’t know whether to be flattered, or offended. So I asked her, what information did you find elsewhere that you decided to choose them instead? She said that she was going to get the 2 hour session with unlimited outfits, and CD of unedited images for $99.

~Nails on a chalkboard~

At that point, I congratulated her on her upcoming wedding and wished her the best of luck, and we hung up. She wanted CHEAP BOUDOIR. There are so many things that I could say about this. There are so many posts about why photography costs what it does, so I will leave that to the financial experts. What I really want to focus on is the bottom line:

When you’re taking your clothes off in front of someone you don’t know, is CHEAP really a word that you want to use to describe the experience?

There is so much that goes into this experience, believe me when I tell you that it’s not just about getting your picture taken. There is an enormous amount of preparation beforehand, on your part, and on our part. Will your cheap photographer be there to help you pick out lingerie that will flatter your figure, and talk you down when you’re nervous the night before?

Another thing to think about: PRIVACY. These are photos that are intimate in nature, and while we always keep them classy, not every photographer is like that. These are photos that, when poorly done and shared, could potentially ruin careers. Personally, I don’t think that boudoir should be as taboo as it sometimes is, but let’s face it – the entire world doesn’t necessarily feel that way. Are you willing to trust those photos to someone who A.) may be kind of creepy to begin with and B.) might put the photos online for God knows what? Is that savings worth the potential backlash that could come from hiring someone you don’t trust?

We have “fixed” several boudoir sessions in the past year or so. By fixed, I mean that my clients had a boudoir session done elsewhere, a “cheap” session, and hated it so much that they came to us to have some quality photos, and an amazing experience.

I believe that there are certain genres of photography that carry a higher responsibility than others. Yes, all photographers should be accountable for their quality of work, and their business ethics, but there are some photos that you will never, EVER get back. My top three: wedding, newborn and boudoir. For wedding and newborn – you never, ever get those days back. Newborn sessions usually take place when that new little life is less than 10 days old. Two weeks later, you’ve lost that newborn look, the snuggly cuddly smushy face. It’s gone, and you never get it back. Weddings are highly stressful and require a cool head, organization, and problem solving – and again, you never get that day back. When your dad hugs you a little longer as he’s giving you away to your groom, if your photographer misses that, it’s gone. Yes, you can stage it again – but it’s never really the same.

And finally, boudoir. I could go on and on for hours about this, because it frustrates me SO much – but when you have a woman undress in front of you, she is vulnerable, and if you do a poor job or make her feel bad, you are not only taking bad photos, but you are messing with her spirit. You are reaffirming the thoughts that she probably already has in her head, negativity that she doesn’t need because she’s already telling herself mean things.

We refuse to lower our standards to the point where any woman walks out of our studio feeling bad about herself. Some photographers are okay with that, and some women are okay with that – and that’s okay, they aren’t our clients. I will stick to my standards and the WHY behind what I do.

One of the clients that came to me after a horrible experience elsewhere recently told me:

“When you pay cheap, you look cheap.”

For some things, that might be okay. Cheap toilet paper might be uncomfortable, but it won’t hurt you. Cheap boudoir can not only hurt your feelings or your privacy, but could leave you feeling bad about yourself from an experience that should make you feel amazing.

Don’t settle for cheap when it comes to something this personal and intimate.

And because every post is better with a testimonial her are three from recent boudoir clients.

“I did a boudoir photo shoot with Riki back in November for a Christmas gift to my boyfriend. I had a blast, she made me feel comfortable and confident that I could do this. I went back to get a few more photos and she helped me narrow it down, as she had taken so many amazing photos. Honestly I would go back and do it again. It’s an interesting adventure but I can tell you, you build a lot of confidences doing this.”

Mrs. M.

“I did some boudoir pictures with Riki as a wedding gift for my husband. I was extremely happy with the whole experience. Riki made me feel very comfortable and confident which made my pictures awesome. And Riki got all the best angles! 😉 I would definitely recommend Riki and Pixatron if you are planning to do boudoir pictures. Best experience ever!!! Thanks again Riki!!!!

Mrs  C.

“Ricki did such a great job with my boudoir photos! Not only was the photo shoot a super fun experience, she also made me feel completely at ease and the photos are like something straight out of a magazine! I would highly recommend a boudoir photo shoot with Ricki to anyone who wants to feel incredible about their body. She’ll bring out the best in you!

Mrs. McD.

And of course an quick sample of our work.


Please note that we do not post any images from our boudoir session without the consent of our client first.


Hello Everyone!

Riki here! I hope everyone has been getting outside and enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve! We’ve been having a blast here at the studio! Meeting lots of new people and catching up with some old friends!

As you may know we photograph everything from babies to huge family groups. But did you know that we have a specialized boudoir photographer in the studio?! And that photographer just so happens to be ME!



With all the birthdays, weddings and anniversaries happening this summer, it’s hard to think of great gift ideas, especially to give to the lovely man in your life, who has everything! We offer so many great gift options with our ‘Pillow-talk’  sessions! Albums, calendars, even air fresheners!
I absolutely love shooting these sessions, my clients and I always have a great time! Most times women are a little shy/nervous coming in to the session, but that gets wiped off the slate quite quickly! All of my clients leave feeling beautiful and extremely confident!
We get to meet for a consultation before the actual session, which makes it a little easier for both of us. The consultation comes free with your session. This is where we get to talk about the session, so we both have a game plan going into it.

We have an awesome deal happening this week, to celebrate the hot-hot Summer! Our Summer Sizzle deal, which means, our Flirt session is only $50!!! (regular $90)  – or you can upgrade to a larger package and you save on the taxes!
You have had some time to work off all that yummy Christmas baking, because we know it lasted a few months, right? 😉 And it’s prime time for tanning outside, so everyone is walking around with these beautiful natural glows! What better time to get some beautiful photos done!
Not that you need a reason to admire your own beauty, but what better way to do so?  This doesn’t have to be a gift for someone else, why not do it for yourself, prove to yourself, what everyone has been telling you all these years, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

I can’t wait to collaborate with you, to showcase your beauty!!


Riki Holmes