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OoooooOoOoo I’m sure I’m going to ruffle some feathers with this one.


Hear me out.

Every time someone emails us with questions about a boudoir session, they get a personal email back, as well as an email that also has pricing information. And I would say about half the time, we never hear back. I asked someone recently if they had any luck finding what they needed, and the response was “you’re too expensive.” I didn’t know whether to be flattered, or offended. So I asked her, what information did you find elsewhere that you decided to choose them instead? She said that she was going to get the 2 hour session with unlimited outfits, and CD of unedited images for $99.

~Nails on a chalkboard~

At that point, I congratulated her on her upcoming wedding and wished her the best of luck, and we hung up. She wanted CHEAP BOUDOIR. There are so many things that I could say about this. There are so many posts about why photography costs what it does, so I will leave that to the financial experts. What I really want to focus on is the bottom line:

When you’re taking your clothes off in front of someone you don’t know, is CHEAP really a word that you want to use to describe the experience?

There is so much that goes into this experience, believe me when I tell you that it’s not just about getting your picture taken. There is an enormous amount of preparation beforehand, on your part, and on our part. Will your cheap photographer be there to help you pick out lingerie that will flatter your figure, and talk you down when you’re nervous the night before?

Another thing to think about: PRIVACY. These are photos that are intimate in nature, and while we always keep them classy, not every photographer is like that. These are photos that, when poorly done and shared, could potentially ruin careers. Personally, I don’t think that boudoir should be as taboo as it sometimes is, but let’s face it – the entire world doesn’t necessarily feel that way. Are you willing to trust those photos to someone who A.) may be kind of creepy to begin with and B.) might put the photos online for God knows what? Is that savings worth the potential backlash that could come from hiring someone you don’t trust?

We have “fixed” several boudoir sessions in the past year or so. By fixed, I mean that my clients had a boudoir session done elsewhere, a “cheap” session, and hated it so much that they came to us to have some quality photos, and an amazing experience.

I believe that there are certain genres of photography that carry a higher responsibility than others. Yes, all photographers should be accountable for their quality of work, and their business ethics, but there are some photos that you will never, EVER get back. My top three: wedding, newborn and boudoir. For wedding and newborn – you never, ever get those days back. Newborn sessions usually take place when that new little life is less than 10 days old. Two weeks later, you’ve lost that newborn look, the snuggly cuddly smushy face. It’s gone, and you never get it back. Weddings are highly stressful and require a cool head, organization, and problem solving – and again, you never get that day back. When your dad hugs you a little longer as he’s giving you away to your groom, if your photographer misses that, it’s gone. Yes, you can stage it again – but it’s never really the same.

And finally, boudoir. I could go on and on for hours about this, because it frustrates me SO much – but when you have a woman undress in front of you, she is vulnerable, and if you do a poor job or make her feel bad, you are not only taking bad photos, but you are messing with her spirit. You are reaffirming the thoughts that she probably already has in her head, negativity that she doesn’t need because she’s already telling herself mean things.

We refuse to lower our standards to the point where any woman walks out of our studio feeling bad about herself. Some photographers are okay with that, and some women are okay with that – and that’s okay, they aren’t our clients. I will stick to my standards and the WHY behind what I do.

One of the clients that came to me after a horrible experience elsewhere recently told me:

“When you pay cheap, you look cheap.”

For some things, that might be okay. Cheap toilet paper might be uncomfortable, but it won’t hurt you. Cheap boudoir can not only hurt your feelings or your privacy, but could leave you feeling bad about yourself from an experience that should make you feel amazing.

Don’t settle for cheap when it comes to something this personal and intimate.

And because every post is better with a testimonial her are three from recent boudoir clients.

“I did a boudoir photo shoot with Riki back in November for a Christmas gift to my boyfriend. I had a blast, she made me feel comfortable and confident that I could do this. I went back to get a few more photos and she helped me narrow it down, as she had taken so many amazing photos. Honestly I would go back and do it again. It’s an interesting adventure but I can tell you, you build a lot of confidences doing this.”

Mrs. M.

“I did some boudoir pictures with Riki as a wedding gift for my husband. I was extremely happy with the whole experience. Riki made me feel very comfortable and confident which made my pictures awesome. And Riki got all the best angles! 😉 I would definitely recommend Riki and Pixatron if you are planning to do boudoir pictures. Best experience ever!!! Thanks again Riki!!!!

Mrs  C.

“Ricki did such a great job with my boudoir photos! Not only was the photo shoot a super fun experience, she also made me feel completely at ease and the photos are like something straight out of a magazine! I would highly recommend a boudoir photo shoot with Ricki to anyone who wants to feel incredible about their body. She’ll bring out the best in you!

Mrs. McD.

And of course an quick sample of our work.


Please note that we do not post any images from our boudoir session without the consent of our client first.


Your Children are so precious. Remember them forever as they grow up and change…remember the way they laugh and giggle and act silly… smile, run, and of course PLAY!


CONGRATULATIONS on your new addition to your family. Your baby will grow so fast and it`s first year will be THE most important year. Why not capture that time forever, before it`s too late.  We believe our  baby`s first year plan from Pixatron Portrait Studio is the ideal keepsake.

Addison-0033ret11x14 copy




ImageNumber-0125ret11x14 copy

The Baby`s First Year Wall Plan consists of FOUR high quality, creative portraits sessions of your baby. These are not your typical portrait sessions. The first thing you will notice is that we are not a `fast-food`, cafeteria -style portrait studio, we take our time with your session and leave you with great photographic experience. Our photography stands above the crowd for creative and style. The difference is obvious.





Intro ad to BBF

How much will cost me?

The Baby`s First Year Program is ONLY $97 for the entire year.
It includes everything above and if you act now, we will also include a free gift.

*FREE GIFT – 10 Custom made announcement cards (so everyone can see how beautiful your baby is!)




Bring your baby in for newborn, 4, 8 and 12 months
or 3, 6, 9 & 12 months


* at the end of the year you get a stunning wall panel with your favorite pose from each session. (Valued at $150, yours free with this plan)

* each session will be photographed by one of our professional photographers, not like the big box high volume stores.




* your wall panel will measure 12`x20`, and will be deluxe mounted with no frame or glass for easy installation in your home  It will be protected with a satin lamination for a stunning finish that will last for years to come.

wall panel 10x20

* view your images immediately after your session. No need to wait or come back to view. Our clients LOVE this feature.


mike profile

P.S. Don’t forget we are Sudbury’s Number one infant Passport Specialist!

Our rejection rate is less than 1%!

Passport ad demo

Call us now to book your baby’s first session!



Well Easter us just around the corner.


You know what that means!


The Bunny is BACK at Pixatron Portrait Studio.


For a limited time Pixatron is hosting it’s famous Easter portrait session with our cute, lovable bunny Paisley.


The magic of Easter has arrived at Pixatron Portrait Studio.

Spring is just around the corner.

We are running our exclusive Bunny sessions from March 1st to  March 19th.

Sessions start at $49.95.

 Session will be booking up fast, so hop to it and book yours today.



EasterMarketing 2106


Each and every year we photography 100’s of baby’s for passport applications. We are Sudbury’s go to quick and dirty baby, infant and toddle passport studio. With less that a 1% rejection rate. We guarantee your passport or we will reshoot it for you no questions asked.

Our regular passport price for adults and toddlers is $21.95 +tax. Our infant( 3months or less in age )   price is $30.00 +tax.

For one day only Feb 17th. WE are having a our first ever passport day. WE are will be dropping the price from to $9.99 no matter if the passport photo is of an infant or an adult.

That’s right only $9.99.

And that’s not all.

We also do passports images for all countries, including travel and work visa’s and immigration cards.

Do what because this price is only here for one day!

Call the studio to book your passport session today.

*note: it is best to book your session in advanced to limit wait time, however we do accept limited walk-ins.

Passport ad demo


We are about one weeks away from our second Jedi Day photo session here at Pixatron Portrait Studio.

We only have 4 spots left for this awesome new themed session.

Our last Jedi day sold out in days and this one is booking up before we even released a date.

These sessions are perfect for the star wars loving child in your family. Perfect for any young girl or boy age 3 to 11.

“Always in motion the future is.” ***YODA

With that being said, we held a first of its kind, the first one the world has ever seen, JEDI DAY. On Jan 9th 2016.

It was amazing. So many young padawans. So many happy Starwars fans


Our next Jedi Day will be February 13th 2016.

Our Jedi sessions are $74.99 and we are booking now. The cost includes a 5×7 deluxe print.

but there’s more….

If you have already seen the New Star Wars movie, bring your movie stub in and you will receive another 5×7 deluxe print free. (You must have a ticket stub to receive this. Only one ticket stub per session).

Call the studio to book your young Jedi session today!

May the force be with you.

Jedi 4x6 promo card


Pixatron Portrait Studio has a brand new set to off to it’s clients.



Promo1 winter 2016

Our pirates session is perfect to boys ages 3-10 who love pirates.

Come find our treasure or hide your own.

We provide the costume, you provide the scally wag.

Sessions are one day only.

Feb 27th 2016.

All sessions must be prepaid at time of booking.


See is your can beat the curse!


Elsa has arrived at Pixatron Photo Studio.

For one day only!

We are offering our Sudbury exclusive Frosted portrait Sessions.

February 5th 2016

Call to book your session today.


Space is limited to only 15 sessions.

All session must be paid in full at time of booking.

_MG_0186 ImageNumber-0047ret ImageNumber_0088ret ImageNumber_0076quick ImageNumber_0097

frosted promo winter 2016


Valentines 2016 special

This offer is INSANE! Maybe even crazy? We are giving away a $550 value with every FLIRT Pillow Talk session we shoot. But there’s  a catch. You have to share this post on your Facebook timeline, comment with the works “Hell yes, I want this!” and of course book your flirt session with Riki.  That’s right a $550 value for only $39.  But that’s not all. If you like, share and comment on this ad from Jan 2 to the 16th, you will be entered in a draw to win a free pillow talk  flirt session scheduled before January 23rd.  This is a once in a life time crazy, insane deal from Pixatron Photo Studio in Sudbury. Our Pillow Talk boudoir sessions are shot exclusively by our female boudoir specialist Riki Holmes. She is an amazing, fun and talented young lady. Don’t miss out on your chance to get the best boudoir photo shoot experience Sudbury can offer.  Our staff are professional and your privacy is always number one. Our studio is a closed set for your session and you have a private changing area plus your view session is private as well.  Book your Pillow Talk Boudoir photo shoot with Pixatron Photo Studio today and give yourself the best gift ever, Confidence, Beauty and Empowerment!  Call today 705-524-5713.

riki profile


Warm hearts and cold hands can mean only one thing?



Elsa has arrived at Pixatron Photo Studio.

For one day only!
Just in time for Christmas.
We are opening up on Monday November 16th for our Sudbury exclusive Frosted portrait Sessions.

Call to book your session today.


Space is limited to only 15 sessions.

All session must be paid in full at time of booking.

frosted promo fall 2015





Pre rush sale Oct 15 2015 V3


frosted promo-8x10-Summer

Inspired by the newest fairy tail princess, we have put together a beautiful set of ice, snow and of course magic. Theses sessions are magically priced to include either an 8×10 or 2 5×7 prints (samepose). You can bring in your own costume, or you can use one of ours.


We will have prizes from our prize chest as well. This is set out to be an amazing experience.

We are still accepting booking for our exculsive “FROSTED” portrait sessions.


Space is limited, book your session today.


All sessions are pre paid and must be so, before we can book your session.
Call the studio for more details. 705-524-5713


Summer is in full swing and what better way to enjoy that with our time limited “GONE FISHIN'” Set


Gone Fishin Aug 2015


For one day ONLY, Aug 29th we will have our exclusive Gone Fishin’ set up.

Because this set is big and bulky, it will only be up for one day.



Call 705-524-5713 to book your session today!




Don’t let the big on get away!





 This set won’ be available until next summer.




So put on your overalls and your lucky fishing hat, and let us catch some cuteness.


Call before Aug 15th and receive a free 5×7 print (a $25 value)



Call Pixatron Portrait Studio to book your GONE FISHIN’ session today!



Rock Star Day is here once again. For one day only. AUG 19th 2015.


rockstar DAY Aug 2015



Dress you little rocker up and bring on the coolness and the attitudes.

Space is limited Book your session before Aug 8th and receive a free 5×7 print (valued at $25)



Perfect for boys age 3 – 9…..but Girls are welcome too!




Wear you favouite band shirt and sunglasses or bring your own skateboard.




HURRY! Sessions are limited!




It’s all about being hip, cool, grungy and, well, letting that inner bad *ss show through!





These sessions are booking fast. Don’t miss out! Call today for to reserve your spot.





Hello Everyone!

Riki here! I hope everyone has been getting outside and enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve! We’ve been having a blast here at the studio! Meeting lots of new people and catching up with some old friends!

As you may know we photograph everything from babies to huge family groups. But did you know that we have a specialized boudoir photographer in the studio?! And that photographer just so happens to be ME!



With all the birthdays, weddings and anniversaries happening this summer, it’s hard to think of great gift ideas, especially to give to the lovely man in your life, who has everything! We offer so many great gift options with our ‘Pillow-talk’  sessions! Albums, calendars, even air fresheners!
I absolutely love shooting these sessions, my clients and I always have a great time! Most times women are a little shy/nervous coming in to the session, but that gets wiped off the slate quite quickly! All of my clients leave feeling beautiful and extremely confident!
We get to meet for a consultation before the actual session, which makes it a little easier for both of us. The consultation comes free with your session. This is where we get to talk about the session, so we both have a game plan going into it.

We have an awesome deal happening this week, to celebrate the hot-hot Summer! Our Summer Sizzle deal, which means, our Flirt session is only $45!!! (regular $90)  – or you can upgrade to a larger package and you save 20%!
You have had some time to work off all that yummy Christmas baking, because we know it lasted a few months, right? 😉 And it’s prime time for tanning outside, so everyone is walking around with these beautiful natural glows! What better time to get some beautiful photos done!

Not that you need a reason to admire your own beauty, but what better way to do so?  This doesn’t have to be a gift for someone else, why not do it for yourself, prove to yourself, what everyone has been telling you all these years, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

I can’t wait to collaborate with you, to showcase your beauty!!


Riki Holmes

Summer sizzel 2015

Riki is at it again. Offering an amazing summer deal with her Summer Sizzle Sale. 50% off for our 45 minute boudoir session.

Book your session before Aug 1st and receive a free $30 gift print.

This is the last sale of the year, at these prices.

Our Pillow Talk Session Prices will be going up as of Sept 1.

So don’t miss out on this amazing deal.

Space is limited and this is a one day only event.








Your wedding is over, your dress is a little dirty, what do your do with it now. Do you get it cleaned? Do your put it away dirty? Why not wear it one more time.


Book your TRAST THE DRESS session with Pixatron Portrait Session before August 27th and receive 25% off.

TTD Amber-0632

Please note: Not all TTD sessions actually trash your dress. It may get a bit more dirty, it may come out cleaner (if your in the water), or if you want to totally TRASH IT we’re up to capturing all the destruction. The choice is up to you?



TTD Amber-0417

Call now 705-524-5713 and mention you saw this ad on Facebook to get 25% off your session.


Crappy wedding contest-1

The contest will run from June 25 until July 25. Don’t miss out on your chance to win this amazing session by Michael Blinn from Pixatron Portrait Studio.

(Sorry, this entry form does not work on mobile devices.)



We love our Baby’s First Clients. And it doesn’t get any cuter than this.




Business Portrait Day is

Wednessday JUNE 24th


Our Business Portrait Day Special Price is a

 ONLY $49.99 

Call Pixatron Portrait Studio – 705-524-5713

before and after

If your idea of a business portrait is standing up against a wall and having a friend snap a picture , what does that say about you, your business, and your professionalism?

This is NOT the time to CHEAP OUT!

Don’t settle for a snapshot that you or your friend took with a point and shoot camera.

  Invest in a professional business portrait, and in the end it will pay for itself.


Here is what you need to know:

Your session will be approximately

15 minutes

You will be photographed on

a Neutral Gray or White Background

You will view your images right after your session and pick your favorite.

You will receive ONE high rez fully retouched image on CD with full “reproduction rights”

You can use this image for

whatever you wish!


Finished Image will be in Color & Black & White.

Sessions are for individual’s only.


Your Business Portrait affects how the world sees you.

Quality should be number one.

We aren’t your typical high volume box store type studio.


Your portrait can be used in many different forms such as:

Business Website, Business Card, Facebook, Marketing Materials, Bill Boards,

Promotional Flyers, Wanted Posters


 “There is a  limited amount of space for this one day event!”


Pixatron Portrait Studio 

to book 705-524-5713





There are only 14 openings left
so you need to call and book your slot.


Session Booking Starts at 10:00 am Saturday June 27th.  First come, first serve!



CALL 705-524-5713

DOG DAY IS Saturday June 27th (by appointment)

VIEWING will be Tuesday June 30th. (by appointment)

This studio day is dedicated to all our furry friends of the DOG world.  As a previous dog owner my self, I know how important it is to have a beautiful portrait of your best friend (especially after they are gone).    So, “Dog Days” was created.  Not only are we doing this for you, but we are also doing this for the local SPCA.  We want to give something back to them, so for each session we will donate $30 to the SPCA and you have to bring in a bag of Dry Dog Food, cat food or non clumping cat litter that we will also bring to the SPCA.




We are planning to create the best image of your dog showing his or her personality.  Soooooooooo, this will not be your typical “Studio dog portrait day”.   If  we get it in the first few shots awesome, sometimes we may have to take like a million shots, whatever it takes.   We will be focusing on your dog and not so much on the background.  As you can see by our samples the attention is drawn directly to the dog, and you know what that dog’s personality is just by looking at them.





FIVE  Reasons Why You Should Trust Us With Your Dog’s Portrait

1. Your dogs portrait will be better than any snapshots you might already have.

2. Because we know you love your dog.

3. Your dog wishes to help out with the SPCA

4. You will not find better prices for the best Dog Portrait

5. We know your dog wants this as your dog already emailed us telling us so.

Don’t disappoint your dog!


DOG DAY IS Saturday June 27th  (by appointment)

VIEWING day is Tuesday June 30th (by appointment)

  Sessions are approximately  20 minutes long, like we said earlier sometimes we can get those magic captures in the first 5 minutes, plus, your dogs might stress out, breathe heavy, tongues hanging out (which isn’t a bad thing) so we found 20 minutes is more than enough time.




Call Pixatron Portait Studio and book your appointment now


There are only 15 openings left so you need to call and book your slot.




Here is our Fall 2015 and Summer/fall 2016 Full day Wedding Price Guide.

Click on the Wedding Guide cover below to check it out.


1- Wedding Magazine - Cover


Enter to win a FREE “FROSTED” session from Pixatron Portrait Studio. It’s easy, first you have to like our facebook page. Second you have to share this post on your page, and third you have to comment under our post “Yes, I want this!”. It that easy. Like, share and comment. If you have already booked your session, and you win your session fee will be credited to your account. So come on Sudbury and “Let it go!”

Draw will be done April 21st and the winner will be announced at noon.

Session are only $39 and if you book before April 17 you will receive a free 5×7 print. Call to book you session today space is limited. 705-524-5713










The bunnies are back at Pixatron this year for a limited time only. Book your session between March 11th to the 28th to have your little ones photographed with our cute and cuddly bunnies. These year out bunnies come from one of our staff members, Riki Holmes. These two cuteiest are her very own bunnies. The white one is names Alice and the lop ear is named Paisley.   10984264_10155157774595702_350267046812612564_n   Out set this year is very fresh, fun and of course springy. But just like the Cadbury cream eggs, the bunnies won’t be here for long. 2015 easter mini     Book your session today at 705-524-5713. Sessions fees are $30. Don’t lay at prices like this sessions are booking fast.


Valentines 2015 special


This offer is INSANE! Maybe even crazy? We are giving away a $550 value with every FLIRT Pillow Talk session we shoot. But there’s  a catch. You have to share this post on your Facebook timeline, comment with the works “Hell yes, I want this!” and of course book your flirt session with Riki.  That’s right a $550 value for only $30.  But that’s not all. If you like, share and comment on this ad from Jan 3 to the 17th, you will be entered in a draw to win a free pillow talk  flirt session scheduled for Jan 27 at 1pm.  This is a once in a life time crazy, insane deal from Pixatron Photo Studio in Sudbury. Our Pillow Talk boudoir sessions are shot exclusively by our female boudoir specialist Riki Holmes. She is an amazing, fun and talented young lady. Don’t miss out on your chance to get the best boudoir photo shoot experience Sudbury can offer.  Our staff are professional and your privacy is always number one. Our studio is a closed set for your session and you have a private changing area plus your view session is private as well.  Book your Pillow Talk Boudoir photo shoot with Pixatron Photo Studio today! 705-524-5713.


riki profile


Your little girl is only little once. Let her indulge in one of her favorite characters, a fairy princess.

Fairy portraits are truly one of a kind.

November 7th and 8th at Pixatron Announcing The Enchanted Forest Fairy Day Friday, 

November 7th & Saturday, November 8th 2014

With Pixatron Portrait Studios and Westmount Photography*


Your little girl is only little once. Let her indulge in one of her favorite characters, a fairy princess. Fairy portraits are truly one of a kind. Many clients tell us year after year, and years after they’ve had their little girls fairy portraits photographed, that they are still their favorites.

When friends and relatives come over to visit, and see the images on their walls, they can’t believe they were created locally. They have to do a double take, because the portraits are simply full of impact.

Our Fairy Portraits are not like regular sessions. We have all the props, wings and everything needed for some mystical and magical fairy portraits… just bring the magic!

Portraits unlike any others you have seen…

The right lighting, poses, look and feel takes a special touch and and expert eye. That’s where we deliver. When you come in to have your little girl photographed, the first thing you’ll be greeted by are some smiling faces, and a warm inviting atmosphere. Our studio is renown for making your visit relaxing and fun.

Each child will be brought into the studio area where mom can change her into the fairy outfit that fits best. (We have several custom made outfits hand crafted just for these sessions and sized to various ages.) Rob and Tina will come into the studio and Tina will place the fairy wings in place, and Rob will start with a basic pose to warm her up.

These wings are simply amazing and very, very easy to place into the outfit. We create up to 30 poses based on three looks and angles.

These are proven to be the best and most artistically flattering poses that most parents love (and grandparents too!)

Rob’s quirky, fun loving and humorous style makes these sessions easy and fun. Tina’s patience and professionalism helps each girl into their best pose. They take on average no more than ten minutes, sometimes 15 to capture all the best poses.

Once done, you change your little girl into her regular clothes. Tina then will make an appointment to see the results, which are ready as soon as the next business day. She’s also give you a special menu with all our packages, sizes and reprints. Your little girl will also get to pick a toy out of our toy box, and if it’s ok with mom she can have a packet of (healthy) ju jubes.

Once you return to see your images at the scheduled time, Tina will show you a slide show, set to music, showing the images from fairy day.

We have custom designed composites available as well. Ask about our ideas and selections on creating a special, one-of-a-kind art piece for your home.

Fairy portraits make excellent wall portraits for your home….

Fairy Day is Friday, November 7th and Saturday, November 8th, 2014

Session times are limited. We always sell out on fairy day…

…call Pixatron Studios 705 524-5713

*note: Minimun age is 3 years old.

Includes the session and 1-8″x10″ or 2-5″x7″ (one pose)

Your investment $97.00 +taxes

All sessions are prepaid.a


Pixatron Photo Studio, has just opened our first online facebook store front. We are now making it easier for you to purchase gift for your friends and loved ones. You buy on line and we ship the certificates to you. How much easier could it get? Check it out on line


If you’re a high school senior this year(2014-2015), and are super involved with your school. Pixatron Photo Studio is looking for you!We are currently looking for High school senior ambassadors. This is YOUR year! You are the top DOGS!

High School Senior Photography (not senior citizen, as in retired folks, but seniors in High School- Grade 12) is a new and radical concept in grad portraits. Not to be confused with cap and gown traditional portraits, these photography sessions are high-impact and fun!

Spots are very limited for ambassadors. We have availability for each high school within the greater city of Sudbury.

These will be one-of-a-kind photo sessions. They’re fun and easy and you get FREE stuff. Yes FREE stuff.


Send me a short email telling me a little about yourself, what activities you’re involved in at school, and why we should choose you as your schools ambassador.

email us at:

We are currently seeking boys and girls from all local area high schools.

Be your High Schools celebrity this year!






The Baby`s First Year Wall Plan consists of FOUR high quality, creative portraits sessions of your baby. These are not your typical portrait sessions. The first thing you will notice is that we are not a `fast-food`, cafeteria -style portrait studio, we take our time with your session and leave you with great photographic experience. Our photography stands above the crowd for creative and style. The difference is obvious.

Intro ad to BBF

How much will cost me?

The Baby`s First Year Program is ONLY $97 for the entire year.
It includes everything above and if you act now, we will also include a free gift.

*FREE GIFT – 10 Custom made announcement cards (so everyone can see how beautiful your baby is!)

wall panel 10x20

Bring your baby in for newborn, 4, 8 and 12 months
or 3, 6, 9 & 12 months

* at the end of the year you get a stunning wall panel with your favorite pose from each session. (Valued at $150, yours free with this plan)

* each session will be photographed by one of our professional photographers, not like the big box high volume stores.

* your wall panel will measure 12`x20`, and will be deluxe mounted with no frame or glass for easy installation in your home  It will be protected with a satin lamination for a stunning finish that will last for years to come.

* view your images immediately after your session. No need to wait or come back to view. Our clients LOVE this feature.



We are offering another totally awesome deal coming in August. Due to some renovation coming in the studio we need to take down and move our dock set. For two day only this we are offering our Gone Fishin’ portrait session for 50% off. That’s right our Gone Fishing portrait session will only be $25 for two days. These portraits are perfect for the fishing families, or the dad that just loves to real in the big one and of course grandpa. Who can forget grandpa the master angler. We have the props you bring the bait. Give us a call to book on of these sessions. I promise they won’t last long.

Dock Set September 2014-PriceSlash copy


The other day I had the privilege to photography and very beautiful and amazing young lady. Tiffany Fahey is a new and up and coming model in the Sudbury area. She loves dance and modeling, but most of all she loves singing. She’s the lead singer of an amazing young rock band. Good luck Tiff with your modeling and keep rockin on.

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Another amazing turnout at the Sudbury Midwives Annual client reunion picnic. The sun was shining and weather was warm, the perfect day for a picnic in Fielding Park with our community Midwives.



Today we had animal cruelty agent Tracy Lapping from the OSPCA stop in for our annual inspection during our bunny photos. She informed us that our bunny appeared to be in good health, with adequate housing, food and water.  Once again we have a stamp of approval from the OSPCA for the care and handling of our bunnies.



Yesterday (February 18th 2014) at 6pm we had to say goodnight for last time to our very presious four legged boy, Chewbacca.




For those of you who don’t know me, I’m bit of a geek, actually a huge geek. LOL. I grew up loving Star Wars. So when my wife and I got our first dog, there was no doubt in my mind that his name would be Chewbacca. That day was Jan 29th 2002. We pick Chewy (Chewbacca) up from breeders out on Gravel Dr. in Hanmer and heading home. He was so tiny and literally fit in the palm of my hand. He was a pure bread English Springer Spaniel, ( he was born by accident and out in the cold ) by the time we got the breeders house there were only two pups left for us to chose from. He came right to us, the pudgiest of them all. We fell in love at first sight. Two weeks later we picked him up and brought him home.

About a week after we had him home, I brought him to my best friends house to partake in Super bowl Sunday. It was then, that I knew Chewy was gonna be a tough and strong dog. That 4 week old pup with no teeth stopped eating his soft puppy mush and started eating hard puppy kibble. We trained for hunting, retrieving, and he even holds some titles in fly ball. I had some awesome hunts with chewy, even if we didn’t get any bird on every outing. Chewy touched the lives and hearts of many.  My mother who was scared of dogs, especially big dogs.Chewy helped her get over that fear. And Chewy was amazing with babies and kids of all ages, most recently with Jackson, our now 1 year old son.  As he was learning to walk and stand on his own, often he would use Chewy and grab and pull at his fur to help him get to where we wanted to be and Chewy being that kind and loving dog,  just let him do it,  following up with a big lick on Jackson’s face once he accomplished his goal of standing.

Chewy loved to run, and jump, but he favourite was running and jumping into either water or snow. When I picture Chewy running all I can think of are those beautiful ears flapping up and down as he ran.  When you talked to chewy, he would look at you in such a way that you could tell  he was totally listening to you.

He would fetch pillows all the time, bark when anyone came to door and he loved to chase light. It was like his goal in life, to get that light.  In 13 years he never once lifted is leg to pee. I always said that was the English  in him,  He always looked prim and proper, squatting to pee or crossing his legs as he laid on the couch. He truly was a one of kind dog.

Chewy will now be reunited with his bother Shaggy and many other doggy friends. Chewy will be missed by all that loved him. Rest in peace my fury friend and run like the wind, and never forget what mommy and daddy said to you just before you went goodnight for the last time, we will always love you and you will never be forgotten.  Go get those birds, Chewy.

Here are a few photos of our beloved Chewbacca the way we remember him in all his glory.

Me and Chewbaca Jan 20, 2002

 Picking Chewy out at the breeders 3weeks old

Baby chewy and Cindy Jan. 20, 2002

Chewy in his first bed Feb.2,2002

His first night home.

Chewy and his Bella


Chewy always loved playing with Bella


Fetching with Nono


Chilling out with Bella


6mnth after his neuter


Chewy and I….he was our big baby


Training for birds


He loved the water.



Hunting and geocaching on the bald rock


Winter geocaching


Some where in the bush


He loved doing this the most….Running full out


A fun day hunting, no birds but a great day in the bush with two great pals


Not very often Chewy would lie on the ground if he a chair available


Chewy and his cuz Wicket


He loved the snow



Ears up and out….I loved seeing him like this. IMG_0061

more bird training, another past time he just loved to do


One of my first DSLR photos of Chewy


relaxing at Christmas in our first house


you will be greatly missed my boy


Our last photo of our kids all three of them. Dec 2013 (Jackson is 10mnth, Lindsay is 19 and chewy is almost 13)


Chewbacca Blinn (December 30th, 2001 – February 18th, 2014)

Rest In Peace baby boy



This offer is INSANE! Maybe even crazy? We are giving away $450 value with every FLIRT Pillow Talk session we shoot. That’s right a $540 value for only $89.99. This is a once in a life time crazy, insane deal from Pixatron Photo Studio in Sudbury. Our Pillow Talk session are shot exclusively by our female boudoir specialist Riki Holmes. She an amazing, fun and talented young lady. Don’t miss out on your chance to get the best boudoir photo shoot experience Sudbury can offer. Book your Pillow Talk Boudoir photo shoot with Pixatron Photo Studio today! 705-524-5713






After an amazing year of offering our NEW “Pillow Talk Sessions” at an awesome introductory price, we have now solidified our 2013 pricing for these sessons. And once again to kick off the new year with some kick butt boudoir photography just in time for Valentine’s Day, we are offering an steal of a deal through WagJag. Check it out todays Northern Life for this deal or online at



The Winner of our 2012 Most Photogenic Contest is finally in……. Congratulation to Patricia Hunt!  She is our grand prize winner of a brand new iPad 3 courtesy of Best Buy Sudbury.


OMG (Oh My Goodness as the young people say), it has been CRAZZZY around the studio for the last few months. I havn’t posted in awhile so I figured I would show some of our amazing Christmas photos that we have pumping out of Pixatron here in Sudbury over the last few weeks as well some of the other work we have done since this summer. I love this time of year and I love my job.




Stacey and Donald were married on one of the hottest days of the year. Everything took place at the Sixth Avenue Golf club in Lively. Stacey was a beautiful bride and Donald, well he cleans up pretty good too. Sneak Peek.


The Wandziak family and the Dickieson family have to be some the sweetest people I have ever met. Sarah was looking so beautiful on her wedding day, and Jamie was looking a tad bit nervous just before the church ceremony. We start out with some rain, but that soon stopped and I was able to grab some beautiful images from Sarah and James’ wedding day.  Sarah sorry for the loss of your Grandmother, your family is in our thoughts and prayers. Sneak Peek.



Kelly and Kevin had a beautiful day to get married outside. The rain stopped early in the morning and everything was dry by show time. Kevin has since been assigned to Manitoba. Sneak Peek



I quick shot from today’s shoot with Milo….this little guy is so darn cute.


Yesterday I had the privilege of shooting Milo. An SPCA rescue pug that had to have both of his eyes removed due to abuse and infection. This little guys is so freakin cute and man can he get around. Milo will be this years poster child for the annual SPCA calendar. I can’t show the image of Milo with all  his furry and non furry friends till after the calendar comes out. But I get a chance again today to photography this little cutie and his furry family. I really can’t wait to see little Milo again. The image below is my niece Lindsay holding Milo.




Sunday night was a hot and humid, but it set the stage for awesome engagement session with Tara and Nick. We met at the Lorne St Tim Horton’s and headed out to Tara’s family Farm in Worthington. The evening was full of excitement, the lovely couple were stung by wasps and  had a bear shake and break branches off of  a 20 foot pine tree less then 20 feet beside them. Let just say it was an adventure for all. But one that I would do all over again to capture the love that these two share for each other. The golden hour led to beautiful sun kisses images and misty fog filled marshes. Here’s a sneak peek from their session.

Tara and Nick- Sudbury Engagement


Totally forgot about this session. Why Trash your dress? BECAUSE, it’s fun and you can get images like this…..



Some of our clients have been, and so can you.  We are know offering custom magazine covers.



I love photographing childern, and watching the little ones mimic Mom or Dad sometimes just blows my mind. It’s amazing what they learn and do. I resently did a photo shoot in Alban for some great clients of ours, (Dad happens to hunt deer not from where we hunt) and Hunter is just way to cute. He loves his gator and knows how to ride it.


Most little girls, at some stage in their life, have dreamed about be a super model. Well now you make the dream a reality. Pixatron Photo Studio in Sudbury is once again holding it’s second annual most photogenic contest. This contest starts today June 15 and will run until Sept 2nd 2012. The contest is open to anyone between the ages of 10 to 40. Come in and show us what you got. Entry fees start at $30 and includes a studio test shoot and gets your favourite image from that shoot entered into out contest. Grand price is new iPad 3. So if you’ve ever want to feel like a model, here’s your chance. Call the studio at 705-524-5713 to book your session and enter our 2012 Most Photogenic Contest.


We had the privilege of photographing the head shots for  Sudbury’s first ever, Fabulous Over 40 Contest. The  contest winners were photographed here in our studio after having they’re make overs done and just before they were to be revealed on stage at the Sudbury Women’s Show April 20 2012!


I was going through some of my fun images from last summer, and came across this one of a good buddy of mine. When it comes to work, he’s very professional…. well?……. sometimes…LOL!  But when it’s time to having fun watch out he can be a little crazy.   This was shot last summer on Manitoulin Island while we were taking a break from a crap shoot photo adventure. Do you know this man?



Tuesday evening I had the pleasure of shooting Micheline and Dominique’s engagement photos. They have a beautiful home on Middle lake, with some the best views in the city. I took Micheline and Dom to my secret water fall location to capture some images that are unique to the Sudbury area. So with out further adieu here are a few teasers from their session.





Last night was prom night for several high schools in the Sudbury area. We’ve seen lots of grads come through the studio for cap and gown shots, and now the fun begins with the parties of prom. Jenny, Josee, Peter and Lindsay all came to in for some sick prom portraits.


Here is a slideshow of some cool images we create here at Pixatron Photo Studio in Sudbury.



But everything was OK because Nico was here to save the day! He came in today for his 3rd year Birthday shots dressed as his favorite hero, Fireman.



Yesterday, we had a blast with Jadah. She was one of five models from the Norther Model Search held in Sudbury this year that won a free modeling shoot with us. The girl is amazing, and full of pizazz. She truly lives life to the beat of her own drum and has a style that is totally unique.



It’s back!! The search for Sudbury & area’s next top model



Pixatron Photo Studio’s Most Photogenic Contest is back! Our 2nd annual model search will be running from June until August 2012. If you have ever wanted to be a model, or just wanted to experience modeling for the fun it, here’s your chance!

Pixatron Photo Studios’ 2011 Hotshots Most Photogenic Contest Winner:

 Tiffany Caldwell of North Bay

Contest entry fees start at $29.99 for a 15 min. screen test photo shoot*. This is the entry fee and gets you entered into our photogenic contest. That’s it that’s all. This is your opportunity to Start your modeling profile or to add to an existing one.

The Most Photogenic contest is open to anyone between the ages of 10-40, with two categories 10-16 (Jr) and 17-40 (Sr).

All session upgrades are done by appointment only and must be pre-paid at the time of booking. This is a non-refundable fee. The two upgrades we have available are: 1) The Urban Photo Shoot ($59.99) – 30 mins. Outdoors, location of choice within 15mins. drive from studio*.  2) The Deluxe Photo Shoot ($99.99) – One hour session, location of your choice within 15 mins. drive from studio (or studio)*.

A la cart prints are available from any one of these sessions. Free gift print (valued at $200) with every order over $300.00.

A make-up artist is available at a cost of $40.00 per look. I you are interested in make-up we must know at time of booking to ensure her availablity.

We do not provide a hairstylist.

For ideas of what to wear, look thorugh fashion magazines, music videos or online and try to create a unique look. Something different from everyone else, helping you stand out amongst all the other contestants to grab the judges’ attention. You can wear as many outfits as you wish, within your alotted time frame. There is a $10 per each additional outfit worn.

If your worried about posing, the best advise I can give is relax and have fun! Photogenic is all about being you. Plus our photographers will help you with posing to make sure you look your best.

*note: every additional outfit $10

            all time limits will be respected, to ensure fairness with contestants

            prizes will be annouced June 1st.

            all entry fees must pre-paid

Pixatron Photo Studios’ 2011 Hotshots Most Photogenic Contest Winner


Yesterday we had the privilege of having Patricia job shadow at the studio. We had her help with setting up our first appointment of the day, then model for Holly as she was testing some lighting. The rest of the day was spent with Mike learning marketing, customer service, Social media and photoshop. The following image was retouched completely by Patricia. She is an amazing young lady.




I had an amazing time out Charm Plus’ Northern Model Search back on February 12th held in Sudbury. I super excited to picked as one of Sudbury’s best photographers to judge this event, along with Rob Provencher, James Hodgins, Erik Lovin, and Alfred Boyd. I must tell ya….it was a total honour to be among friends, peers and mentors. I choose 5 models from the 100+ that participated to come into the studio for a complimentary photo shoot.  We have since had Tecla come in for her complimentary photo shoot. She was so nervous sounding on the phone when she booked her session. She was unsure of what she wanted to do, what kind of look she wanted, she just told me that she had no clue what she wanted to do. After a brief talk about my ideas and thoughts, Tecla was pumped, super excited and ready for this photo shoot.  Here are a few images from her session.


Beautiful and unique, a total combination of outer and inner beauty.



When our make up artist Kristen came to me asking to use the studio for an up and coming wedding make up trial, I gladly said yes. I love having new people come into the studio to see what we can do. As Kristen’s client Anne was leaving, I asked her if we could use her for a quick test shot. I needed to test my light for the Sudbury Woman’s show Fabulous over 40 contest winners. I took the first shot of Anne, made some minor adjustments to my lighting and the second shot was what we ended up with. Anne was so amazed at how easy it was to capture this image Thanks Anne for  allowing me to capture this beautiful image. Can’t wait to see you back in the studio. 🙂





We have just now introduced our new Pillow Talk Boudoir Sessions. Shot exclusively by Holly.

But wait there’s more….

Introductory offer only through Wag Jag

Regular Price $125 + tax

Wag Jag Deal $30.00

Perfect for Valentines Day or your Groom to be.

Whether it’s flirty, mischievous, naught or sweet, say it with our Pillow Talk boudoir portrait session for Valentines Day, your wedding night, or any day. It’s the perfect gift for that someone special in your life, including you.

Pixatron Photo Studio’s Pillow talk Boudoir sessions allow ladies of all ages, sizes, and modeling experiences to express themselves with our professional and intimate photo shoot. From start to finish, the entire experience operates under careful collaboration between the subject and the photographer. Pixaton’s leading female boudoir photographer Holly has over 3 years of experience photographing everything from newborn babies to boudoir. She has also been trained by Michael Blinn LPPO and has formal boudoir training, honing her skills in this fine art.

Throughout the 45 minute session, music will flow through the air of our studio inspiring subjects as they preen and model alongside of our elegant furniture and indulge in our new bedroom set. The photographer will helpthe subjects look flattering with suggestions and encouragement to find their individual sensuality, be it in lingerie, a men’s button down shirt, or that sexy low cut tube dress. Ladies can dare to be bold by drawing risque attire or dare others to imagine, through subtle displays of peek-a-boo curiosity.

After the shoot, the subject can relax while viewing their images in our private booth. Once they have chosen 10 images that best tell their story, and after some light retouching and stylization, images are printed and displayed in a beautiful little black peekaboo book. Our newly empowered and confident clients can now share their flattering fine art imagery with husbands, boyfriends, and friends or just keep them for themselves.


  • Professional Photography

  • Completely closed set

  • Retouching and Stylization

  • Professional make up available at additional cost
  • Up to two outfits

  • Playful photo shoot

  • By appointment only, must book 2 weeks in advanced

Offer Details

  • Expires September 30th 2012
  • Taxes included. No cash value

  • Peek-a-boo little black book (2.5×3.5 inches) with 10 images
  • Limit 1 per client, may purchase additional as gifts

  • Complementary consultation

  • Client supply their own seductive clothing.

  • Package upgrades available at 20% off regular prices
  • Not valid with any other offers


I must admit, we do so many family, sibling and child portraits this time of  year that sometimes, just sometimes thing don’t  go as planned and the little ones just don’t co-opperate.

But with some patients and lot of silliness, we always get the cutiest shots.

Please keep in mind that we ae selling our Gift Certificates at 25% off starting Dec 1st. $100 gift certificates for $75, $200 gift certificates for $150 and $300 gift certificates for $225.

Membership special for the month will be BOGO Christmas cards at $19.99. That’s right you can now get 20 cards for $19.99


This was a totally non-traditional, yet awesome, kick ass wedding. These girls are so freakn’ fun, it’s un believeable. Even after a bit of blood shed, (Kelly you know what I mean…LOL) their day was beautiful and perfect.


I just got in some new flooring that I ordered, and I have been itching at the bit to try them out. Well today Olivia came in for her 9 month shots and once I saw what she was wearing, I said “oh yeah!”. This is the set for you. Mom loved the set and Olivia, well, she’s never looked cuter.


Well we now have the Trash the Dress Contest winner from the 2011 fall bridal show. This years fall bridal show was a hit. We met with lots of brides, bridesmaids, and mothers of the bride. I must say Bill puts on an amazing show, I am so happy to be a part of it every year. We had over 200 brides come through the doors and over 160 ballots filled out for our free TTD session. We had a lot of people ask us what these session’s are all about?Do you really trash your expensive wedding dress? Well, the answer is yes an no.  Yes it can be trashed if that’s what you really want. But in reality it just gets a bit dirtier then it did on your wedding day. The locations are way cooler, and we always try to get the bride in the water for some amazing kick butt images. More or less, it’s a chance to wear that beautiful expensive wedding dress again. You’ll never wear it again, and chances are, you daughter isn’t going to wear it on her wedding day either.  All of our TTD clients have had their dress dry cleaned for no more then it would cost someone who didn’t do one of these sessions.  And trust me, our brides love these session. We take your beauty to the next level.  High fashion, glamour, seductive, and magazine quality images, are the looks I’m going for in these session. It’s never too late to do a trash the dress session, weather your a newly wed or if you’ve been married for 10 years.  These sessions make you feel glamours and sexy and they’re just plain old FUN!






Congrats to Hailey & Lyndsey as they are getting married today. Girls, it’s going to be a great day. No rain and good times. Let’s rock it out.


Well today at approximately 4pm (Sept. 20th 2011), Cindy and I had to say goodnight for ever to our sweet Shaggy.

We got Shaggy 5 and a half  years ago.  When I found him, he was cold, starving and almost dead on  that -30 winter night.  He had been miss treated, malnourished and could barely walk. I took him home, to warm him up, feed him and give him some much need love.  Cindy immediately fell in love with him.  Shaggy had a lot of issues at the beginning, but he was such a gentle dog, who allowed Cindy and  I, two strangers, to love and care for him. We tried adopting him out through PetSave once he was health enough, however it just didn’t work out and we decided that we would keep him since we had become greatly attached to him. We nick named him “the PIRATE”, as he had a very deep voice and vocalized often.  And yes dogs can talk. If you don’t believe me just come over to our place and ask Chewy to get you a pillow. He’ll get you one and then and tell you he got it for you.

It took awhile for  our 5 year old springer (Chewbacca) to warm up to Shaggy, but he did.  Jealousy has always and issue between both boys, by our love for them was shared equally.  It’s amazing what dogs learn from each other, Shaggy tought Chewy to bark at loud truck and quads, and Chewy tough Shaggy how to pee with out lifting his leg…Chewy would steel packaged material off the counter rip it up and Shaggy would get rid the eveidance 🙂

It’s weird how pets become a  special part of your life, especially when you can’t have children. They become  your children.  And we love them like we would our own childern.  We will miss Shaggy’s classic priate growls, his famous after dinner rolls on his bed and his crazy fur faces.  I’ve never seen a dog that loved his bed as much as he did.  As tough as this decision has been for Cindy and I, we know that it is the best for him.  He was not suffering at the moment, but his breathing had become more and more shallow every day, and he had no strength in his back legs.  He had to be carried up and sometimes down the stairs and he was very,very tired.  He came into our life with a smile on his cute shaggy face, and that’s the way we want to remember him leaving our lives, smiling,  like the good, gentle, happy, shaggy dog that he is.

Chewy will miss his partner in crime, and his brother.

Shaggy it has been a true honor to have been your Daddy. As we told you before you went goodnight, your mommy and daddy love you and we will see you again.


Last photo of Shaggy about two weeks ago.

Here are a few images of our Shaggers from years gone by:

This was the morning after that cold night that we got Shaggy, gave him a warm almost new bed and some yummy numbilinos’s (dog food) 🙂 and one with Lindsay. He was such a gentle giant.

About a month after we had him….putting on weight and very happy.

Shaggy loved playing with balls, and having his fur cut short so he could see.

This was his curious face with Yoda ears.

His first Christmas with us. Those who remember, this was our Christmas card that year.

At our new house….no rope and lots of room to run.

One from 2007. Just before we moved.

Christmas card photo at the new house.

A gift for Cindy….of our boys…

Christmas 2008 the first year I came up with this Santa shot. This too was our Christmas card

Last year with Lindsay….this was our card.

These are just a few images that we will never forget.  Shaggy, you run, bark and swim as much as you want now. We love you.

Shaggy Blinn  (March 2, 2006 – Sept 20, 2011) Always loved.


Congrats to Nat & Mitch on this crisp September morning. They are devoting themselves to each other today.


Our Hot Shots contest will be extended till the end of the month. That’s right if you didn’t get a chance to enter and get your session in before Sept 2nd, now’s your chance. We are extending it till the end of Sept. Remember the the Grand Prize is an iPad2. How cool is that.  Second prize is a  half day spa from la Renaissance Spa and our third prize is $200 in tanning from Heat Wave tanning.  Just in time for back to school. Keep in mind that this is a Most Photogenic contest and you don’t have to be a model to enter.  The studio has been crazy busy with our new on location weddings by Michael Blinn, along with all of our reg sessions. Here are some from our most recent Hot Shots Contestants, Devin and Tiffany. (These two have never modeled a day in their lives, honest)

BTW, for those of you that know me well, you know that I tend to fall all the time. 🙂 Well this session went with our incident. We had to cross a creek to get to the last location and as we were come back across, don’t ya know, I fell in the drink. LOL. Yeap…all my equipment was saved and the only think hurt was my pride that I had to have these two beautiful ladies help me out of the water. Oh well, I guess it could have been worse,eh?


For those clients that love it when we bring the  ducks into the studio, but always wonder what happens to them when we’re done with them. Well…. we give them to a good home. It’s actually a local farm that takes them in every year. And through out the year the owner will send me progress photos of the chicks and ducks. Here are our once baby ducks from the spring session this year.


Today we had the chance to photograph the most precious little boys, Douglas and Nicholas. Thank you Tiffany for the opportunity to capture this beautiful time in their lives.


Today Sonia will marry the love of her life, Daniel. It was only a few years ago that I met this beautiful couple while shooting Daniel’s brothers wedding. Congratulation Sonia and Daniel on this beautiful day. I look forward to capturing all the memories of this very special day as well as meeting all of your family from the old country.


It was a beautiful HOT summer day when these two people who are so much in love, were wed. Congrats Christie and Josh! Thank you for allowing me to capture your very special day.

P.S. the Son’s of Gun’s will be coming soon 🙂


Today Carolyn is marring her true love. Congrats to both of you. I have know Robbie a long time and have photographed him as groomsman in many of his friends weddings, now it’s his turn. It’s going to be a beautiful day, for such a loving couple to begin to share the rest of their lives together.


Yesterday I hooked up with two local photographers and good friends James Hodgins and Rob Provencher.  To head out to Manitoulin Island for crap shoot session Taylor and Christina. Taylor is James’ high school senior from last year and is an amazing print model. Rob brought his senior model Christina .  Manitoulin Island offered a different change of scenery for us.  Along with fellow photographers  Marc from Timmins,, Angie from the big town of Espanola , we toured around Manitoulin looking for cool (literally with temps in high 30’s)  spots that we could grab some dynamic kick butt  images.  Since James  and I booth shoot with Canon and Rob and the rest were shooting with Nikons using the Nikon lighting system we paired off in groups of two to start shooting at each location. Here are is one quick one of both Taylor and Christina from a location in the Manitou River  close to Micheals Bay.

Taylor in the river

Christina in the river

Rob showing Christina how to pose for this shot.

James with his head cam doing what he does best….goofing off! 🙂


Here I a quick princess photo from one of today’s images. The princess set will up from the 20th to the 22nd. If you want some awesome images like this, book your session today so that you don’t miss out.


A huge congrats to Angele & Jeff who got married last Saturday. It was a picture perfect day. Thank you for letting me share in your celebration and capture these wonderful memories.


Congratulation to Cheryl and Peter, they’regetting married this September. We had a beautiful day out at Onaping for their engagement session. NO rain, no bugs, and I even got them in the water. 🙂 Can’t wait to capture the memories of their special day.


Well, summer is here and so is our first ever photogenic contest.

What is a photogenic contest you ask? Well let me answer that for ya.  It’s a contest that puts you in the spot light, so to speak.  This contest gives both guys and girls a chance to see what the modeling industry is all about, and the coolest thing about this contest, the grand prize.  The winner of this years contest will will a iPad2 courtesy of Best Buy Sudbury. But that not all, the winner will also receive a portfolio building shoot buy nationally accredited  photography Michael Blinn. But wait, there’s more… the winner will also have a chance for their portfolio to be looked over by Carolyn’s Model and Talent Agency  and possible become one of their many signed models.  The minimum entry fee is $29.99 and must be paid in full at time of booking. This entry fee will get you a 15 minute screen test shoot with one of professional photographers, and get two of your best images from that session entered into the contest for your chance to win the grand prize.

We are offering two other entry level photo session. One will get you out of the studio for a City Scape session with about 30 minutes of shoot time. And the other can be either in studio or on location or your choice for up to 1.5 hours of shooting time. These two other options are excellent portfolio builders and these sessions usually range in price from $99 to $175 but for this contest only, Pixatron Photo Studio is offering these two session at $59.99 and $99.99 respectively.

You don’t have to be model to enter, and you don’t have to know what your doing all you have to do, is be yourself,relax and have FUN!

Come on Sudbury and show us some of your, HOT SHOTS.


Pixatron Photo Studio is offering for the first time, a photogenic contest for the Sudbury region. Minimum entry is $29.99 for a 15 minute screen test shoot. Other entry option available including a deluxe photo shoot on location or in studio for only $99.99 (reg/ $174.99) for 60-80 mins of session time. Grand prise is an iPad courtesy or Best Buy, a total portfolio session, and chance to have your portfolio view buy one of Ontario’s top Modeling agency’s. Details can be found if you click on the image below. Good luck to all, and let your inner beauty shine.


Pixatron Photo Studio is offering a Fathers Day special for a limited time. Save $50.00 on this promotion. You will receive a 30 min session, plus 3 5×7 prints mounted in a beautiful timeless 10×20 frame. Just perfect for dad’s office or shop. We can’t think of a better way for the kids to tell dad “I Love You”. Only $149.99 (non-members). Book your session today, time is ticking and Father’s Day is just around the corner. 705-524-5713


We had an amazing turn out on Friday for Pixatron Photo Studio’s Once Upon a Princess day. We had little princesses of all ages, from 18 months up to 17 years. They all had fun, getting their hair and makeup done as well as wearing some beautiful princess gowns. Here is a sneak peak at what our clients can expect from these sessions.


So today Jillian popped in with the summer fun runner to spend a little time getting know us and what we do here at Pixatron. So I figured we should dress her up and get some Princess pictures with her while she was here. Thanks for being such a sport Jillian.


Saturday is booked sold, but I do have three spots that just came available for today call the studio at 705-524-5713 to book your session.

Here are a few from the first day of shooting with these little cuties 🙂


Today I had the privileges of shooting 10 day old Tanner. His big sister has made several appearances on our blog as well. Well now Madison will have to be a big sister to new baby bother. Congrats Catherine and Craig once again on the new addition to your family.


Next week the studio will be quackers. That’s right the Baby Ducks are back. May 11th – 14th Pixatron Photo Studio will have the ducks back. Book now to have your child’s photo taken with these cute and fuzzy ducklings. They are only here for 4 days. Don’t miss out, because once their gone, their gone till next year. Pixatron Photo Studio 705-524-5713.


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What an amazing turn out it has been. Three weeks with our beautiful bunnies. Tomorrow is the last day and we are fully booked.  If you missed out on the bunnies, don’t worry. The baby ducks will be come in May. Book early to get you spot. On another note…today marks the one year anniversary that Pixatron has been under new ownership by Michael Blinn. We are planning an open house with lots of cool give aways, but we are waiting until the weather turn nice, so watch here for details to come.

Here is a quick one from todays bunnies session.


We just finished our week of bunny photos at Pixatron Photo Studio in Sudbury.  We had an amazing turn out of clients this year.  So much so, that we are extending the bunnies for one more week. That’s right! If you missed out? Here’s your chance, the bunnies will be here for one more week.  Call to book your session today 705-524-5713.

Here are a few samples from the first two day with your mini dwarf bunnies.


This is the perfect Easter gift for the Grandparents. Just like the Cadbury mini eggs, they’re only here for short time. Book your session today 705-524-5713.  Limited session times available.


Congratulation to Erin and Lee who tied the knot today. Erin you got your snow. 🙂 Have a great party guys.


It’s that time of year again. Spring is in the air, well kinda 🙂 , the mini eggs are out and the bunnies are back at Pixatron Photo Studio.  As in the past, they we be here for the March break starting on the 11th and finishing up on the 20th.  Don’t miss out on your chance to have your childs photo take with these cute spring time bunnies. Call 705-524-5713 to book your session today.


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With a beautiful portraits session from Pixatron of course.  Bring your little ones in for a cute and fun Valentine’s day session. Limited space is available. Call to you book you session today.  705-254-5713


Nothing beats having a winter engagement session with fresh fallen snow, or if you live in Sudbury in January, real fresh falling snow. 🙂 It was blustery winter day here, with wind chills of -20 deg C but we headed out to the local park for some awesome winter engagement photos just the same. I know it was cold Ang & Jeff, but these photos rock. Hope you had fun and finally warmed up.


..Absolute Entertainment’s Bridal Show 2011 put on by Bill McElree has to be simply the classiest show Sudbury has to offer. Not only is it filled with the some of the best wedding vendors in Sudbury, but it’s also two full days. Brides don’t have to rush through to see everything vendors have to offer. The show hosts three bridal runway style fashion shows both days. Kelly from Blissfull Bridal Boutique, put a a beautiful runway show again this year with everything from prom to Wedding gowns. If your a bride to be for 2012, and didn’t get a chance to come out this year, this is the show you must catch next January.

I would like to thank all the brides who took the time to come out a visit our booth, and chat it up about their up and coming wedding day. I’m also proud to annouce that this is the merger year for Pixatron Photo Studio and Michael Blinn Photography. If you were at the show, you now know that Pixatron does full day on location wedding featured by nationally accredited wedding photographer Michael Blinn. You will see alot of changes over the next year at Pixatron Photo Studio.

For those brides that stopped by and filled out a ballot for a chance to win a free Trash the Dress session by Pixatrion Photo Studio, here is the moment you have been waiting for….drum roll please…….the winner is…..

Bobbi-Sue Kells

Congratulation Bobbi-Sue. Please contact the studio to redeem your coupon for your FREE Trash the Dress session.


For those of you that did not make it out to our booth this year here is what you missed.

and here’s a look at our slide show from this years booth…


Once again, thank you all for coming out and I hope to see you all soon.


We take a lot of baby photos, I mean everything from day old newborns, up to first year session, and so on.  We also shoot a lot of maternity session as well. We try to keep it fresh, fun and new.  Here’s our first maternity session for 2011, she saw this on our blog and just had to have it.


Not every session we shoot around this time of year is Christmas themed.  Here is a cute a shot of two brother at the end of a 2nd year birthday portrait session.


Chirtmas session are the majority on weekends this time of year, however we still the norm.

This last image is being used for a Magazine article about Leo’s band.


Because they’re  just so darn cute.


Rocking it out in the studio shooting Angela’s materinty session.  Angela and Scott are expecting their first child, a rockin’ baby boy. I say rockin’ because they own SuperstacK Music Productions and Scott is the lead singer of his band SuperstacK.

and for those of you who love music…here is a clip from Scott’s band SuperstacK with “Kick it on Down”.


Christmas is here at Pixatron Photo Studio. Yes, that’s right. Christmas is here. The set is up, the tree is trimmed, the sparkles are everywhere. 🙂 Book your Christmas photo session today. Weekends are booking up fast, so ask about our new Sunday appointments.  Here is the first Christmas session of the season, you may recognize this family, Heather & Jeremy owners of Kitchen Bits.

and their beautiful boys….watch for them in the up and coming Kitchen Bits & Showers & Sheets commercial.