Sudbury Photographer

Yesterday I hooked up with two local photographers and good friends James Hodgins and Rob Provencher.  To head out to Manitoulin Island for crap shoot session Taylor and Christina. Taylor is James’ high school senior from last year and is an amazing print model. Rob brought his senior model Christina .  Manitoulin Island offered a different change of scenery for us.  Along with fellow photographers  Marc from Timmins,, Angie from the big town of Espanola , we toured around Manitoulin looking for cool (literally with temps in high 30’s)  spots that we could grab some dynamic kick butt  images.  Since James  and I booth shoot with Canon and Rob and the rest were shooting with Nikons using the Nikon lighting system we paired off in groups of two to start shooting at each location. Here are is one quick one of both Taylor and Christina from a location in the Manitou River  close to Micheals Bay.

Taylor in the river

Christina in the river

Rob showing Christina how to pose for this shot.

James with his head cam doing what he does best….goofing off! 🙂


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