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Yesterday (February 18th 2014) at 6pm we had to say goodnight for last time to our very presious four legged boy, Chewbacca.




For those of you who don’t know me, I’m bit of a geek, actually a huge geek. LOL. I grew up loving Star Wars. So when my wife and I got our first dog, there was no doubt in my mind that his name would be Chewbacca. That day was Jan 29th 2002. We pick Chewy (Chewbacca) up from breeders out on Gravel Dr. in Hanmer and heading home. He was so tiny and literally fit in the palm of my hand. He was a pure bread English Springer Spaniel, ( he was born by accident and out in the cold ) by the time we got the breeders house there were only two pups left for us to chose from. He came right to us, the pudgiest of them all. We fell in love at first sight. Two weeks later we picked him up and brought him home.

About a week after we had him home, I brought him to my best friends house to partake in Super bowl Sunday. It was then, that I knew Chewy was gonna be a tough and strong dog. That 4 week old pup with no teeth stopped eating his soft puppy mush and started eating hard puppy kibble. We trained for hunting, retrieving, and he even holds some titles in fly ball. I had some awesome hunts with chewy, even if we didn’t get any bird on every outing. Chewy touched the lives and hearts of many.  My mother who was scared of dogs, especially big dogs.Chewy helped her get over that fear. And Chewy was amazing with babies and kids of all ages, most recently with Jackson, our now 1 year old son.  As he was learning to walk and stand on his own, often he would use Chewy and grab and pull at his fur to help him get to where we wanted to be and Chewy being that kind and loving dog,  just let him do it,  following up with a big lick on Jackson’s face once he accomplished his goal of standing.

Chewy loved to run, and jump, but he favourite was running and jumping into either water or snow. When I picture Chewy running all I can think of are those beautiful ears flapping up and down as he ran.  When you talked to chewy, he would look at you in such a way that you could tell  he was totally listening to you.

He would fetch pillows all the time, bark when anyone came to door and he loved to chase light. It was like his goal in life, to get that light.  In 13 years he never once lifted is leg to pee. I always said that was the English  in him,  He always looked prim and proper, squatting to pee or crossing his legs as he laid on the couch. He truly was a one of kind dog.

Chewy will now be reunited with his bother Shaggy and many other doggy friends. Chewy will be missed by all that loved him. Rest in peace my fury friend and run like the wind, and never forget what mommy and daddy said to you just before you went goodnight for the last time, we will always love you and you will never be forgotten.  Go get those birds, Chewy.

Here are a few photos of our beloved Chewbacca the way we remember him in all his glory.

Me and Chewbaca Jan 20, 2002

 Picking Chewy out at the breeders 3weeks old

Baby chewy and Cindy Jan. 20, 2002

Chewy in his first bed Feb.2,2002

His first night home.

Chewy and his Bella


Chewy always loved playing with Bella


Fetching with Nono


Chilling out with Bella


6mnth after his neuter


Chewy and I….he was our big baby


Training for birds


He loved the water.



Hunting and geocaching on the bald rock


Winter geocaching


Some where in the bush


He loved doing this the most….Running full out


A fun day hunting, no birds but a great day in the bush with two great pals


Not very often Chewy would lie on the ground if he a chair available


Chewy and his cuz Wicket


He loved the snow



Ears up and out….I loved seeing him like this. IMG_0061

more bird training, another past time he just loved to do


One of my first DSLR photos of Chewy


relaxing at Christmas in our first house


you will be greatly missed my boy


Our last photo of our kids all three of them. Dec 2013 (Jackson is 10mnth, Lindsay is 19 and chewy is almost 13)


Chewbacca Blinn (December 30th, 2001 – February 18th, 2014)

Rest In Peace baby boy



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