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Well today at approximately 4pm (Sept. 20th 2011), Cindy and I had to say goodnight for ever to our sweet Shaggy.

We got Shaggy 5 and a half  years ago.  When I found him, he was cold, starving and almost dead on  that -30 winter night.  He had been miss treated, malnourished and could barely walk. I took him home, to warm him up, feed him and give him some much need love.  Cindy immediately fell in love with him.  Shaggy had a lot of issues at the beginning, but he was such a gentle dog, who allowed Cindy and  I, two strangers, to love and care for him. We tried adopting him out through PetSave once he was health enough, however it just didn’t work out and we decided that we would keep him since we had become greatly attached to him. We nick named him “the PIRATE”, as he had a very deep voice and vocalized often.  And yes dogs can talk. If you don’t believe me just come over to our place and ask Chewy to get you a pillow. He’ll get you one and then and tell you he got it for you.

It took awhile for  our 5 year old springer (Chewbacca) to warm up to Shaggy, but he did.  Jealousy has always and issue between both boys, by our love for them was shared equally.  It’s amazing what dogs learn from each other, Shaggy tought Chewy to bark at loud truck and quads, and Chewy tough Shaggy how to pee with out lifting his leg…Chewy would steel packaged material off the counter rip it up and Shaggy would get rid the eveidance 🙂

It’s weird how pets become a  special part of your life, especially when you can’t have children. They become  your children.  And we love them like we would our own childern.  We will miss Shaggy’s classic priate growls, his famous after dinner rolls on his bed and his crazy fur faces.  I’ve never seen a dog that loved his bed as much as he did.  As tough as this decision has been for Cindy and I, we know that it is the best for him.  He was not suffering at the moment, but his breathing had become more and more shallow every day, and he had no strength in his back legs.  He had to be carried up and sometimes down the stairs and he was very,very tired.  He came into our life with a smile on his cute shaggy face, and that’s the way we want to remember him leaving our lives, smiling,  like the good, gentle, happy, shaggy dog that he is.

Chewy will miss his partner in crime, and his brother.

Shaggy it has been a true honor to have been your Daddy. As we told you before you went goodnight, your mommy and daddy love you and we will see you again.


Last photo of Shaggy about two weeks ago.

Here are a few images of our Shaggers from years gone by:

This was the morning after that cold night that we got Shaggy, gave him a warm almost new bed and some yummy numbilinos’s (dog food) 🙂 and one with Lindsay. He was such a gentle giant.

About a month after we had him….putting on weight and very happy.

Shaggy loved playing with balls, and having his fur cut short so he could see.

This was his curious face with Yoda ears.

His first Christmas with us. Those who remember, this was our Christmas card that year.

At our new house….no rope and lots of room to run.

One from 2007. Just before we moved.

Christmas card photo at the new house.

A gift for Cindy….of our boys…

Christmas 2008 the first year I came up with this Santa shot. This too was our Christmas card

Last year with Lindsay….this was our card.

These are just a few images that we will never forget.  Shaggy, you run, bark and swim as much as you want now. We love you.

Shaggy Blinn  (March 2, 2006 – Sept 20, 2011) Always loved.


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