Sudbury Photographer

I had an amazing time out Charm Plus’ Northern Model Search back on February 12th held in Sudbury. I super excited to picked as one of Sudbury’s best photographers to judge this event, along with Rob Provencher, James Hodgins, Erik Lovin, and Alfred Boyd. I must tell ya….it was a total honour to be among friends, peers and mentors. I choose 5 models from the 100+ that participated to come into the studio for a complimentary photo shoot.  We have since had Tecla come in for her complimentary photo shoot. She was so nervous sounding on the phone when she booked her session. She was unsure of what she wanted to do, what kind of look she wanted, she just told me that she had no clue what she wanted to do. After a brief talk about my ideas and thoughts, Tecla was pumped, super excited and ready for this photo shoot.  Here are a few images from her session.


Beautiful and unique, a total combination of outer and inner beauty.



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