Sudbury Photographer

Every little girl wants to be princess They watch the cartoons about princess’ and go to sleep dreaming that one day maybe, just maybe, they might get a chance to be a  real princess. Here’s your chance mom, to make her dreams come true. Once upon a Princess is back at Pixatron Photo studio in Sudbury. Bring your little princess in , for the royal treatment. We let her choose her princess ball gown, get her hair done, get her sparkling makeup done, and choose a tiara (which goes home with her, because every little girl is a princess). Sessions start at  $149.95 for members and include: makeup, hair, costume rental, take home tiara and treat bag, along with a  package A. (non-members will be charged an additional $49.95 session fee.) Princess Pampering starts May 25th through to the 27th.  This set will only be available for three days. Don’t delay, book your little girls Princess portrait today 705-524-5713.

For those of you looking to see what our new Princess set looks like look no further.


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