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I was reading this on line this morning and I thought I have to share this. This is truly what we do with our boudoir sessions. We build confidence and empower woman to feel and know they are beautiful inside and out.

Please note this is not one of our clients, however we have had many share similar stories. Photos are credited to Photography by Lindsay Rae and the story is from her client featured in the images below.


No Revisions…It’s My Story

“No revisions…it’s my story. Fucking post it…lol” 

I think that is introduction enough for this powerhouse of a babe!


“When Lindsay asked me to write a blog, my first thought was, I just won’t  be too personal.  But I changed my mind.  

My sister (Alice) is a photographer and is also very good friends with Lindsay.  Alice used to send me Lindsay’s photos raving about them, encouraging me to book a session with her.  I was always so blown away by Lindsay’s work and it became a dream of mine to book a session with her.  The problem was, the timing never felt right.  I never felt good about my body or like I had the money to do something like that for myself.  Well, come to find out, those were just some of the small things stopping me…

In September of 2015 my mundane but seemingly happy marriage took a turn I NEVER saw coming.   My husband called me with our happy family van in a ditch and told me he needed help, but didn’t know where he was.  Over the next year alcohol became very prevalent in my life and the life of my three children.  My husband had always had this way of talking down to me and making me feel “not good enough”.  I just brushed this off as a personality trait and tried to ignore his behavior, and I thought I was.  I didn’t really pay attention to the fact that I had stopped working out and gained nearly 40lbs.  He wasn’t valuing me, and now, neither  was I.  My children were forced to see situations that they shouldn’t have, police became involved in our life and I was lying and ignoring my core beliefs to protect our family.   March 17, 2016 was the first time he hit me.  I just remember standing there staring at him.  This person that I had been married to for 14 years was suddenly a complete stranger.  With my jaw on the floor and tears in my eyes I was realizing that this person looking back at me was not the man I thought he was.  And CLEARLY I was not the woman he thought I was.  He was NEVER going to do that to me again.

The next few months were spent as roommates with me having the excruciatingly heavy decision weighing on me if I should stay for my children or leave to “get Mary back”.  He moved out in May and continued to tell me he wanted to make things work all while still drinking and continuing his controlling, abusive and manipulative behaviors.

On Monday, September 5th 2016 I made the decision to leave.  This date will forever be embedded in  my mind.  I made the decision to protect myself.  To protect my children.  This, however, was also the day that the life that I knew was gone.  All the plans that we had made for the future now changed forever.

After Thanksgiving Lindsay was running a special and I had a fleeting moment of  f***  it, I’m booking it!  And I did.  As my January 9, 2017 photo session date came around, I began again.  I’m not ready, this is the worst time (I moved out of my house on January1st!),  I’m pale, my skin is dry and I have moving bruises all over my body.  I also had the nagging voices around me…”But WHAT are you going to do with THOSE pictures”, “That’s a big investment”, “You don’t even have anyone to share them with now”.  Of course, none of which were helping me.  But, on Monday, January 9th at 9:15am in 5 degree weather, I got ready and went to my shoot.

When I arrived at Lindsay’s studio I was full of butterflies, excitement and nervousness.   As soon as Lindsay opened her door my mind was put at ease.  Lindsay and Erin are two of the biggest ambassadors of women that I have ever met.  They were my loudest  cheerleaders that day and I felt, for the first time in my life, like the most confident woman in the world.  Not only for the shoot but even when sharing my story with them.

So my answer, to all those people that  asked the question “what are you going to do with those pictures?”, that is not the question you should have asked.  The question should have been, “What are those pictures going to do with you? ”

My shoot was amazing, empowering, and telling of how I should be really feeling about myself and what my self-talk should sound like.  I don’t just mean looks.  I should love me, all of me.   And be around those who treat me with dignity and respect.  And cheer for me, like Lindsay and Erin did that cold January day.   I moved in to my very own apartment for the first time in my life at the age of 37 with three children in tow.  I am showing them strength, courage, and power.  I hope that one day, after all the changes and pain, that they are able to see this.  

I could literally not ever see those photos again, not hang them on a wall, not share them with a future lover but those photos, they gave me strength, courage, confidence, and the ability to see that those qualities were in me all along.  That’s what THOSE pictures did for ME.”


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