Pixatron is all about families…………..  We LOVE Babies & children!!  And don’t forget your pet, he or she is part of the family too.

Choose from our variety of backgrounds, sets and props.  We regularly have special themes and seasonal sets.  Keep checking to see what we are up to.


Your images will be ready for you to view 10 minutes after your session.  Our regular printing services take 3 to 4 days, however “Same Day” or “Next Day” Printing **may be available at a fee of $25.  (**Check with studio for availability).




Sessions are typically booked for one hour.  Small children generally do well during the first 15-20 minutes and we focus on taking most photos during this time.  Depending on the children’s comfort level and the number of groupings or poses, sessions may be longer.  We like to make all of our sessions as relaxing as possible, part of have a great photo is having a great experience.

Babies – New Born

We absolutely love  these sessions!  Here are some suggestions to help your session go smoothly!

♥  A session with your newborn can take anywhere from one to two hours.  This amount of time allows for feedings and diaper changes.  This time frame does not include the time for selecting your images once the session is complete.  Please try to allow yourself sufficient time so that you can enjoy the Pixatron experience.

♥  If your baby is being photographed naked, remember that accidents can and will happen.  No need to panic!  We are well equipped to handle such situations. 

♥  We strongly recommend that you hold off feeding  your baby until you are  at the studio part of time booked for your session is alotted for feeding prior to the session.  We are equipped with feeding pillows, a microwave and a private area for mom and baby.

♥  For best results, we strongly recommend having your baby photographed before he or she is two weeks old.  If this isn’t possible and your child is older, we will still give you a variety of beautiful images to choose from, however, certain poses may not be achievable.  


Your Pet is part of your family too!  Feel free to bring him/her for your family session, or even for a session alone.  Here are a few guidelines if you are bringing your pet to the studio.

☼  Please bring your pet into the studio for the duration of the session only.  He or she must remain outside or in your vehicle prior to and after the session.

☼  Pets must be on a leash or in a pet carrier.

☼  We suggest bringing your pet’s favourite treats and/or toys for their session.



©  Pixatron has a strict copyright policy in place to protect the work and creativity of our photographers.  It is illegal to scan a Pixatron photo without consent from the studio.

“Image yourself a creator of a beautifyl painting, a wonderful ballad, a children’s book or a best seller.”

© Wouldn’t you want this artwork protected from copying?  Your COPYRIGHT is the only recognition of your talent.  What about people who copy COPYRIGHTED photographs and think nothing of it?  Your professional photographer puts his/her creativity at your service.  Doesn’t they deserve this protection?